9 | 23 | 2019Central Park Conservancy Unveils Design for New Harlem Meer Project

Susan T Rodriguez | Architecture • Design, in collaboration with Mitchell Giurgola, is working with the Central Park Conservancy to re-imagine Central Park’s Lasker Pool and Rink. Located at the intersection of history, landscape, recreation, and the City, the design builds upon the historical framework envisioned by Olmsted and Vaux to re-open the Harlem Meer and surrounding community to the rest of the Park. The design calls for the demolition of the existing facility, construction of a new pool and rink, and the renewal of the surrounding landscape. Cut into the topography of the site, the integration of architecture and landscape comes together to create a new recreational experience that is integrated into the Park’s magnificent landscape and accessible to the public throughout the year. The project is the largest in Central Park Conservancy’s history and is scheduled to be completed by spring 2024.

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